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GoProHD Firmware – Live Video Out & Upside Down Mode

To get your firmware updates go to: GoProHD Firmware Update > Support > HD HERO Cameras

In order to use the “Live Feed Out” you need to access both the HDTV and the TV ports on the side of the GoPro. You have two options; First you can pull the GoPro out of the case and use it as is, but this way you greatly reduce your mounting options OR you can pre-order the new HD Skeleton Housing ($39.99) which allows you to access the TV ports while mounted (see more info below.)


This firmware includes the following new features:

Live Feed Out

Display live feed SD or HD video and audio straight out of the camera to a TV, handheld viewer, or video transmitter. Allows viewing a live video signal during preview, recording, and playback of saved files. GoPro HD Firmware Features..