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Kaesen Suyderhoud Photo

Super stoked to see one of my photos from the Kaesen Suyderhoud shoot up in Redding, CA finally get published!

Many thanks to Kaesen Suyderhoud, the Suyderhoud family, Mark Wilk from Redding Ski Park for full access to his private lake, and Troy Ingola for driving the winch none stop!!!

Check out the entire issue with Kaesen’s interview in UNLEASHED – Issue #39: – The kids kills it!

I believe this is Kaesen’s FIRST EVER cover! so hats off to him and CONGRATS! ! !

Check out the full photo and video here

Lonely no more..

My poor 70-200 has been sitting idle, in the box, and hasn’t see the light of day for a while.. I was so close to selling the lens to Steve Bates (CWB) and even though the extra cash would have been nice I really have to thank Steve’s wife for nixing the deal! What seemed like bad luck at the time was in fact just the opposite! Overall the video DSLR bandwagon has been out of control and I was going to wait before jumping on, but all it took was seeing the 5D Mark II footage from last weekend’s shoot, a long phone conversation with Ryan Taylor, an email exchange with Mike Isler, and a lengthy text message conversation with Travis Valtierra. Thanks guys!

Well today is the day… The 70-200 waits no more!