GoPro HERO (HD) Timelapse

The GoPro is a great POV cam, but it can also take pictures every X seconds. Since it was going to be sitting idle at the last shoot I decided to set it up on a tripod and let it go for the entire event. At the end of the day I had 2,543 pics and plenty of battery left! I will post the video in this post once it’s done..

Lonely no more..

My poor 70-200 has been sitting idle, in the box, and hasn’t see the light of day for a while.. I was so close to selling the lens to Steve Bates (CWB) and even though the extra cash would have been nice I really have to thank Steve’s wife for nixing the deal! What seemed like bad luck at the time was in fact just the opposite! Overall the video DSLR bandwagon has been out of control and I was going to wait before jumping on, but all it took was seeing the 5D Mark II footage from last weekend’s shoot, a long phone conversation with Ryan Taylor, an email exchange with Mike Isler, and a lengthy text message conversation with Travis Valtierra. Thanks guys!

Well today is the day… The 70-200 waits no more!

DPCFilms Cable Cam

The following is the video taken by the DPCFilms CableCam v2.1 at the 2007 Spanky Beaver’s Rail Jam in Sacramento, California. This one-of-a-kind wakeboard/wakeskate event took place in an Olympic size pool where all different kind of sliders (wakeboard term for rails) were set up. The event coordinator Al Marchiniak and all the riders were kind enough to let me put my cablecam to the test.
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Metal Textures

The following is my ever evolving collection of metal textures. Some with rust, some without, others seriously aged and weathered. Hope you find something cool here and please feel free to grab an image and use it however your wish to create cool web, print, video, etc.. media. All I ask is that if you use an image please post back with a link and details so others can check out your work.

More Metal Textures..

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