Kaesen Suyderhoud Photo

Super stoked to see one of my photos from the Kaesen Suyderhoud shoot up in Redding, CA finally get published!

Many thanks to Kaesen Suyderhoud, the Suyderhoud family, Mark Wilk from Redding Ski Park for full access to his private lake, and Troy Ingola for driving the winch none stop!!!

Check out the entire issue with Kaesen’s interview in UNLEASHED – Issue #39: – The kids kills it!

I believe this is Kaesen’s FIRST EVER cover! so hats off to him and CONGRATS! ! !

For those who missed it… You can see video of Kaesen as he destroys the corrugated tube, down-C-box, and a down-rail here: http://vimeo.com/15809321

Kaesen Suyderhoud from WakeWorld on Vimeo.

Check out the photo here:

2 thoughts on “Kaesen Suyderhoud Photo”

    1. No steady tracker was used for the cable cam or panning shots. It was a little shakier than I would have liked because of an issue with the drive sprocket. 🙁

      However I have a friend that is in the last stages of designing a cablecam specifically for GoPros (and smaller cameras like the Panasonic GH2) that I’ll post up here soon.

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