Kaesen Suyderhoud Photo

Super stoked to see one of my photos from the Kaesen Suyderhoud shoot up in Redding, CA finally get published!

Many thanks to Kaesen Suyderhoud, the Suyderhoud family, Mark Wilk from Redding Ski Park for full access to his private lake, and Troy Ingola for driving the winch none stop!!!

Check out the entire issue with Kaesen’s interview in UNLEASHED – Issue #39: – The kids kills it!

I believe this is Kaesen’s FIRST EVER cover! so hats off to him and CONGRATS! ! !

Check out the full photo and video here

Behind the Scenes

Here’s what I can tell you so far.. This was an amazing shoot on the California Delta with a great crew! We brought a lot of cool toys to shoot with including a few Canon 5D’s, 7D’s, the Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 Complete System, a ZaZa Slider, a Glidecam, a few GoPro HDs, an egg timer, a few bogen sticks, and some other goodies. I’ve been reviewing the footage for the better part of the morning and it’s looking good, real good!!! With the footage logged it’s time to find a solid song to lay this edit on and I think I just found one!

Terry Adams – Flatland BMX

The edit is done!

I was fortunate enough to spend two days trekking around NorCal with Terry Adams the world renowned flatland bmx’er. The schedule was tight with only two days to drive 200+ miles, hit five college campus, stop in downtown SF to ride, and do a demo at Circle A Skateboards in San Jose. Terry was just coming off another college tour that kept him on the road for a few weeks, but he was super cool and willing to work on getting certain shots which turned out sick! Thank Terry!

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