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On the Road Again

Another project puts me on the road again traveling north, then south, then east and west, back south, and finally up north. Should be interesting while I log some serious mileage around the Bay Area. I have to admit I’m pretty stoked that this opportunity came up because it’s something new and different. Plus my head has been spinning with a few filming ideas, so I’m hoping I can at least try a few of them out.. We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted!

Spring Break? Warm and..

sunny? Nah! More like snowing like crazy! It seriously feels like the middle of winter with a foot of new snow in the past 12 hours. And I’m not talking about your typical Tahoe wet-cement snow either.. but the nice and dry snow we don’t see around these parts much! By the looks of the Radar we’re going to get dumped on ALL night! If this is a result of Global Warming then we need more of it!
What no intervalometer?

GoPro HERO (HD) Timelapse

The GoPro is a great POV cam, but it can also take pictures every X seconds. Since it was going to be sitting idle at the last shoot I decided to set it up on a tripod and let it go for the entire event. At the end of the day I had 2,543 pics and plenty of battery left! I will post the video in this post once it’s done..