Shitkickers @ The Blank Club

A few weeks ago I bumped into Brian (lead singer for the Shitkickers) at a party and we started talking about life, music, and his band. It turned out they were doing a show at a local club called the Blank Club in San Jose. I couldn’t pass up Brian’s offer to see the band live.

I had one of their older CDs and knew they were a blend of bluegrass, blues, and punk all rolled into one, but honestly I didn’t know what to expect.

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Kaesen Suyderhoud Photo

Super stoked to see one of my photos from the Kaesen Suyderhoud shoot up in Redding, CA finally get published!

Many thanks to Kaesen Suyderhoud, the Suyderhoud family, Mark Wilk from Redding Ski Park for full access to his private lake, and Troy Ingola for driving the winch none stop!!!

Check out the entire issue with Kaesen’s interview in UNLEASHED – Issue #39: – The kids kills it!

I believe this is Kaesen’s FIRST EVER cover! so hats off to him and CONGRATS! ! !

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Behind the Scenes

Here’s what I can tell you so far.. This was an amazing shoot on the California Delta with a great crew! We brought a lot of cool toys to shoot with including a few Canon 5D’s, 7D’s, the Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 Complete System, a ZaZa Slider, a Glidecam, a few GoPro HDs, an egg timer, a few bogen sticks, and some other goodies. I’ve been reviewing the footage for the better part of the morning and it’s looking good, real good!!! With the footage logged it’s time to find a solid song to lay this edit on and I think I just found one!

Terry Adams – Flatland BMX

The edit is done!

I was fortunate enough to spend two days trekking around NorCal with Terry Adams the world renowned flatland bmx’er. The schedule was tight with only two days to drive 200+ miles, hit five college campus, stop in downtown SF to ride, and do a demo at Circle A Skateboards in San Jose. Terry was just coming off another college tour that kept him on the road for a few weeks, but he was super cool and willing to work on getting certain shots which turned out sick! Thank Terry!
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On the Road Again

Another project puts me on the road again traveling north, then south, then east and west, back south, and finally up north. Should be interesting while I log some serious mileage around the Bay Area. I have to admit I’m pretty stoked that this opportunity came up because it’s something new and different. Plus my head has been spinning with a few filming ideas, so I’m hoping I can at least try a few of them out.. We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted!

GoProHD Firmware – Live Video Out & Upside Down Mode

To get your firmware updates go to: GoProHD Firmware Update > Support > HD HERO Cameras

In order to use the “Live Feed Out” you need to access both the HDTV and the TV ports on the side of the GoPro. You have two options; First you can pull the GoPro out of the case and use it as is, but this way you greatly reduce your mounting options OR you can pre-order the new HD Skeleton Housing ($39.99) which allows you to access the TV ports while mounted (see more info below.)


This firmware includes the following new features:

Live Feed Out

Display live feed SD or HD video and audio straight out of the camera to a TV, handheld viewer, or video transmitter. Allows viewing a live video signal during preview, recording, and playback of saved files. GoPro HD Firmware Features..

Ferrari Challenge at Infineon

Thanks to Bryant Kreaden I had the opportunity to shoot second camera at the 2010 Ferrari Challenge at Infineon Raceway early this month. I was primarily shooting with the HVX200, but I also brought along the Canon 7D to get lifestyle footage and take a few photos. Along with my typical HVX setup (Century Optics .55x fisheye, wireless lav, tripod, etc..) I was using the Canon 7D with a combination of the 70-200 f2.8 IS and the Sigma 10mm f2.8. It’s definitely a workout trying to run around a racetrack with both camera setups, but in the end all the hard work paid off with some amazing footage!
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Spring Break? Warm and..

sunny? Nah! More like snowing like crazy! It seriously feels like the middle of winter with a foot of new snow in the past 12 hours. And I’m not talking about your typical Tahoe wet-cement snow either.. but the nice and dry snow we don’t see around these parts much! By the looks of the Radar we’re going to get dumped on ALL night! If this is a result of Global Warming then we need more of it!
What no intervalometer?

Butter Cup – Highlight Reel Done!

The Boreal and Northstar Butter Cup highlight reel is finished and I’m Just waiting for final approval before I can release it. I’m pretty stoked on how it turned out and I want to thank Damon, his brother Dakin, and Mad Dog for helping out! Typically filming these events is an one man show, but I figured this was a good project to test out how the Canon 5D & 7D would hold up in a “event” style setting. Having the extra man power present allowed us to play around with the cameras and their settings while making sure the main action was still being captured. A few of the 5D “lifestyle” shots made it into the Boreal section and quite a few of the 7D shots “action shots” made it into the Northstar section. Overall I’m very impressed with how well the cameras held up and they complemented the HVX200 footage well. There were a few technical hurdles to overcome in post-production, but I think that discussion is best saved for another post.

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